Durat is the perfect material for bathrooms. Thanks to its versatility and ease of fabrication, it is easy to implement seamless designs according the designer's wishes.

There are sink and bathtub models for everybody. The desired table tops can be combined seamlessly with the sink and tubs. Seamlessly linked backsplash, various shelves and other Durat units together can create a sleek bathroom space.

Thousands of color and pattern combinations allow Durat to create both restrained Scandinavian style and boldly colored spaces. The Durat Palace collection is the perfect choice when you desire a special spark in the bathroom.

The warm, silky touch makes the bath experience particularly enjoyable. Due to its seamless, dense surface texture and durability, Durat is hygienic and extremely easy to keep clean. The surface can also easily be renewed with light grinding.

We deliver a 10 year guarantee for every Durat product.